At Brookside, we are a King County Green Schools Level 1 school. This means we strive to reduce our waste and increase our recycling and composting. This includes recycling paper in the classrooms and offices. It also means recycling milk cartons and food composting at lunch time. The less garbage our school makes, the more money we save. Brookside is a district leader by being one of the few schools in our district to compost at lunchtime. Not sure what goes where? Check out this video. Will you accept the challenge to sort right everyday?
For PTA events, we encourage purchasing bulk items instead of single use packaging, and using compostable plates, silverware and cups. We recycle at all of our PTA events and will start composting soon too! 
We also collect markers in each classroom with the Crayola ColorCycle program. These markers are kept out of landfills and recycled to make energy. All markers are accepted including caps. You can recycle markers from home too by putting them in the marker recycling box in the lobby of our school.
We also encourage parents to recycle your printer ink cartridges as well in the lobby. Don't throw old ones in the trash. 
As parents, we can help reduce our school waste by packing waste free lunches. Pack food that you know your child will eat. Use a reusable container, silverware and water bottle. Buy snacks in bulk and pack them in reusable containers. 
Every thing we do has an impact to our planet. Let's keep up the great work and keep Brookside a green school! 
If you would like to help our Green Team efforts, please contact Missy Liu (